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Crowdfunding for our new CD!

Dear friends of the Ensemble BachWerkVokal,

It is with great pleasure that we would like to announce that we will release our third CD recording in autumn 2022! The ensemble BachWerkVokal has used the time of the empty concert calendar to record a very special program with the label Dabringhaus und Grimm (MDG). We went into seclusion with the topic "Genug" and reflected on it musically from Bach to the avant-garde.

At the moment, however, we are still missing €5,750 for the completion of this complex and qualitatively first-class production. We would be incredibly happy if many friends and fans would support us in realizing this project.

Our project is presented on the crowdfunding platform wemakeit. The button below the text field leads directly there. You can also find out what the content of our new disc is about here. A wide variety of sponsorship packages can be found there. And one more reason to be there right away: As soon as our campaign has reached a third of the financing goal with at least 20 supporters, Bank Austria will agree to the next third!

We are happy about the many participants and say thank you very much!

The ensemble BachWerkVokal and Gordon Safari


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